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Will you follow in the footsteps of this Mission Friend?

Last Christmas, UK Mission supporter, Tony Watkins, decided he wanted to experience life on the Missions. He spent the holidays with Father David Sithole and attended Christmas Mass at two rural parishes.

Tony brought with him toys and gifts for the Mission children. But it was when he visited the Catholic school at St Leo's – and saw how teachers struggle with limited resources – that he decided to do something special.

DonateOn his return home Tony, a professor of mathematics, rallied support from his colleagues at the university, as well as his parish. Along with his personal contribution, he raised enough money to give each grade at St Leo's their very own maths kit.

You cannot believe what a difference this has made, for both teachers and learners.

Government funding covers teachers' salaries but little else. There is a desperate need for additional text books, dictionaries and education kits in 19 Catholic primary and secondary schools in our Archdiocese, where parents can't afford to pay fees.

Please will you join Tony and make your donation now to help equip Catholic Schools for the coming year?

Subjects like mathematics, sciences, and language are
key to a good education. The teachers do the best they can,
but our Mission children – even those with potential – will
never master these subjects without enough books and
other teaching equipment.

Text books and teaching equipment may seem like an unusual Christmas gift. But education is a gift for life ... and you can give it.

It's a gift that will keep on working for years to come, touching the lives of hundreds of children. So please will you contribute towards this cricital need on the Missions now?

And if you would like prayers for your special intentions to be included in our Christmas mass for Mission friends, please click here.

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