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After Easter

Can you turn your back on a hungry child and say, "It's not my problem"?

It's hard to describe what life is like for children orphaned by AIDS in Esidumbini – a rural mission outstation of our Archdiocese at the tip of Southern Africa.

Whole families of siblings struggle along together – with the older children missing school to beg for food from equally poor neighbours. Others have been taken in by merciful ‘Gogos’ (grandmothers). One old lady has a ‘family’ of 10, with only her pitiful state pension to feed them all.

These children barely survive ... hunger is a regular visitor in their mud hut homes.


But there is hope. Mission priest, Father Cyril Xaba walks in the footsteps of Jesus, as is his calling. Whenever he can scratch some money together, he buys vegetables and sometimes a little meat, and the local women cook up a stew in huge pots for the children.

Sometimes there’s just not enough to go round and some children will be left sadly holding their empty plates ... still hungry.

It hurts, but Father Cyril does the best he can with the little he has.

Please help Father Cyril feed more orphans, more often. It will take a special spirit of generosity ... but whatever you can spare – even if it’s only a little – given online now will make a big difference to hungry children.


We can't give you anything in return for your generosity except our prayers. So please click here to request special intentions to be included in our monthly Mass for Mission friends.

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